United Kingdom Chapter


A group of people from a number of UK universities has formed a new national chapter in the UK (CASRAI-UK - hashtag #casraiUK). Through forming such a national chapter in this international membership organisation we want to bring the UK perspective and leadership to this mission and to bring sustainable international integration with other research-producing nations working to collectively solve the core issues around administrative burden and administrative data -- through standard information agreements.

As this CASRAI-UK chapter is the first outside of the initial Canadian chapter we have asked the CASRAI Secretariat for guidance on next steps. In response we have posted the following first draft of terms of reference.

Chapter Meetings

  • The Steering Committee convened a first face-to-face meeting of the new chapter for members and partners on May 16th in London. Also welcome were those still considering or seeking more information. Read the Report from that meeting. You can also read the Steering Committee summary of the meeting outcomes.
  • As a first step in its communications the CASRAI-UK Steering Committee held a webinar to introduce the idea and to answer any questions from UK universities. The webinar was well attended (over 30 universities) and you can download the webinar slides here: Webinar Slides

Steering Committee Meetings

The following people have formed the inaugural Steering Committee (SC) for the new chapter:

  • Valerie McCutcheon (Chair) - Research Information Manager, University of Glasgow,
  • Anna Clements (Deputy-Chair) - Assistant Director Library Services (Digital Research), University of St Andrews,
  • Dr Simon Kerridge - Director of Research Services, University of Kent
  • Helen Newnham - Research Information Systems Implementation Officer, University of Bristol
  • Becky Gordon - Research Support and Systems Manager, Research and Enterprise Services, Lancaster University
  • Lotte Boon - Head, Research Systems and Information Management Team - University of Oxford
  • Sally Rumsey - Head of Scholarly Communications and RDM - University of Oxford
  • Jennifer Stergiou - Head of Research Operations and Reporting - University of Leeds
  • Dr Owen Roberson - Research Information Analyst - University of Cambridge
  • Dr. Sebastian Pałucha - Research Data Manager, Durham University
  • Bev Jones - Research Repository and Information Officer, University of Lincoln
  • Catherine Grout - Head of Change - Research, Jisc

We are also actively welcoming new members to collaborate directly on the Steering Committee; when you send your email please indicate if you would be interested in also sitting on this Steering Committee. Please see the record of all Steering Committee meetings.

Current Members and Partners

The following table lists those universities that have joined the new chapter and those organisations expressing support for the chapter and an intention to collaborate as partners. We sincerely hope you will add your organisation to this list.


  1. University of Glasgow
  2. University of St Andrews
  3. University of Kent
  4. University of Bristol
  5. University of Leeds
  6. University of Cambridge
  7. University of Central Lancashire
  8. Durham University
  9. Loughborough University
  10. Lancaster University
  11. University of Oxford
  12. Northumbria University
  13. University of Lincoln
  14. Jisc

Nonprofit Association Partners

  • Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU)

Solution Provider Partners

  • EPrints
  • Thomson-Reuters

New Members Welcome

If you have questions or are interested in joining this new chapter please send an email to uk@casrai.org.

Via this Call for Participation are seeking other UK universities to join us in advancing this new chapter and to set ourselves specific 'first-year' goals, which could include:

  • reach our goal of a strong representative UK membership in the initial chapter
  • convene a UK workshop of the inaugural chapter members to prioritize possible work areas, perhaps by reviewing outcomes of the Jisc-CASRAI pilot
  • engage key partners (research-funders and solutions-providers) that might be interested in partnering in the new chapter
  • work with the CASRAI Secretariat to launch one or more standards projects under the new chapter and convene the required Working Groups
  • deliver the first contributions of the CASRAI-UK chapter into the standards dictionary (beyond what was delivered in the Jisc-CASRAI pilot activity)
  • pilot implementations of the standards in the applicable CRIS, Repository, Funder and/or Publishing systems
  • Assess the outcomes of any results of new chapter activity including iterating the results with the relevant communities
  • launch a follow-on membership drive for new members in CASRAI-UK