UK Steering Committee/Mar 29-2016



Time: 1500hr - 1600hr

Location: Via teleconference

Call-in: 0121 368 0009 Access code: 264 9100#

  1. Business arising - David (information) - 5 mins
  2. Updates from Secretariat - David (information) - 5 mins
  3. Updates on recruitment/promotion activities by SC - All (information) - 5 mins
  4. May F2F Meeting: date/time; attendees; venue; agenda - All (decision) - 30 min
  5. Other business - 5 mins

Supporting Materials

Business Arising Actions from Feb 23 Minutes

  • Standard hashtags' We will standardise on the hashtag pattern: #casrai[UPPER CASE]; so '#casraiUK' and '#casraiCA' for posts related to those chapters and '#casraiCREDIT' or '#casraiDLM' or #casraiCONF' for posts related to specific standards or events. A section will be added to our documentation that captures this policy for all.
  • Virtual and F2F meetings Our approach to the Spring F2F meeting and virtual meeting has changed. Since we now know we will have a F2F in London on either May 9 or May 16 the Chair felt an April virtual meeting would be too close to this date.
  • Contacting Cambridge about lower fee This was delayed as it only applies if UCL sees the current fee as a block to their joining. Since Cambridge has already acknowledged the higher fee for larger universities we should not make a change until we know about UCL.
  • 2016 planning Document deferred to next meeting - Secretariat needs more time.
  • Followup with UCL Valerie reports no further progress; waiting to hear back from them.

Updates from Secretariat

  • new CASRAI web services launching over April/May; Member/Partner database with CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) tools; member and events registration and payments; Online groups tools for community and small group collaboration; revising the online dictionary to better integrate terms with records (objects) and reports (profiles)
  • developing a new annual program of standards development tracks integrated across national chapters (e.g. UK, CA) and topic sections (e.g. RDM, CVs, etc.)

May F2F Meeting

  • Decision need between May 9 and May 16
  • Date decision will be driven by venue - Valerie to provide updates on venue outreach
  • Aiming for an 11 a.m to 3 p.m. agenda - to discuss objectives for designing that agenda


Attending: Valerie, Simon, Helen, Catherine (and Chris Brown from Jisc)


discussion notes to come...


action list to come...