Technology Advisory Group


The Technology Advisory Group (TAG) was created in 2015 to advise the CASRAI Executive Director on the impact and implications of technology implementations of the CASRAI standard information agreements and the appropriate designs, specifications and policies needed in response. CASRAI members and partners share sponsorship of the Technology Advisory Group on a rotating basis. Participants include information technology (IT) representatives from universities and colleges, commercial and non-profit solutions-providers and any other CASRAI stakeholders working to advance the technology aspects of CASRAI standard compliance.


Participation on the TAG is open to all IT reps affiliated with a university or college and at partner organizations. The current list of participants in the TAG can be found here. We encourage you to participate.


Participation on specific Working Groups of the TAG is case-by-case based on the subject-matter of the work and is by by invitation. All convened TAG Working Groups communicate regularly back into the wider TAG community. The TAG is currently focused on the following technology deliverables.


The TAG is currently active in the following CASRAI technology projects: