ReConnect Events

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CASRAI Reconnects are scheduled events that happen in-person or on-line. Their purpose is to bring together key stakeholders around a particular problem or challenge and to result in a new level of understanding of that issue and either a tangible output for solving it or an action plan for next steps. The name "ReConnect" (first used for the 2012 CASRAI annual conference in Montreal, Canada) is a playful merger of 'research' and 'connections' along with a common English word for people getting back together, as in "let's reconnect soon".

There are 4 kinds of ReConnect events:

  • Conference - a larger gathering (usually 2 days or more) of individuals meeting to discuss or engage on a broader theme within the CASRAI problem-space;
  • Workshop - a more intensive interaction (usually 1 day) of a smaller number of individuals;
  • Round Table - an even smaller gathering (usually for decision-makers) for discussion and debate on a specific topic;
  • PlugFest - where CASRAI implementers test the interoperability of their software with those of other implementers.

Any type of ReConnect can be held in-person or on-line but organizers are encouraged to consider which is most applicable and useful for the topic or theme to be covered at the event. An on-line ReConnect will have the highest reach and convenience at the lowest cost for geographically dispersed participants. An in-person ReConnect will have the usual benefits that come with everyone being together in one place.

Learn how to organize your own ReConnect or contact us for more information.