Peer Review Citations


Peer Review Citations (PRC) is a CASRAI activity that brings together a diverse set of stakeholders with a common interest in better understanding and communicating the different kinds of peer review services contributed by members of the research community.

Interest Group

The PRC community-of-interest is organized via an Interest Group (IG). If you have an interest in this topic or an affinity for the problems being solved by this activity we encourage you to take a first step by joining this Interest Group. You can see who is currently in this Interest Group.

Participation is free and open to all and has the following benefits:

  • lend your vote and voice to supporting an open, sustainable and transparent solution to a shared problem,
  • receive regular updates on Peer Review related work, implementations and news,
  • receive regular progress reports from any Working Groups tasked with drafting Peer Review information agreements,
  • participate in the review of any new draft revisions produced by Working Groups,
  • participate in conversations on various Peer Review related sub-topics with colleagues on the mailing-list.

Working Groups

A Working Group (WG) can be triggered by an Interest Group when there is a critical mass of input and interest in creating a new (or revising an existing) standard information agreement. The following Working Groups have been triggered for Peer Review Citations:


Researchers make many types of contributions. Most notable are publications, but recently other types of contributions are being acknowledged as important and necessary. A number of funding organizations have expanded their criterion for post-award grant reports to include publications and datasets. Another important and to-date virtually unacknowledged activity is peer review service. Researchers can spend hours in a grant review session or in reviewing journals or books. The quality of this review service is critical for the research process. Increasingly, the community is asking how such service may be better recognized.