Organizing ReConnect Events


Anyone can propose to convene a ReConnect event of any kind or about any topic. The process is as follows:

  1. Submit a ReConnect proposal to the CASRAI Secretariat,
  2. If accepted by the applicable governance group you will be notified,
  3. You start organizing in collaboration with the Secretariat.

Since every ReConnect will focus on a specific topic or theme the events have a naming convention. Some hypothetical examples:

  • ReConnect Germany would be an appropriate workshop name focusing on learning about CASRAI within the German research management community. Other similarly named events in other research-producing nations might be: ReConnect UK, ReConnect Sweden, ReConnect America;
  • ReConnect Impact would an appropriate conference (or workshop) name for an international event on the broad topic of measuring research impact. Other similarly named events based on a specific topic might be: ReConnect Outcomes, ReConnect Data Management Plans, ReConnect Open Access;
  • ReConnect CRIS would be an appropriate PlugFest name focusing on testing the interoperability of CASRAI standards between Current Research Information Systems. Other similarly named events based on a specific product or technology might be: ReConnect Repositories, ReConnect CVs, ReConnect Journals.

CASRAI will be publishing guides to help you organize various types of ReConnect events: