CASRAI is organized into a number of interrelated groups with specific roles and responsibilities to ensure effective governance of both the organizational aspects of the CASRAI mission and the contents of the standard information agreements we maintain.

Organizational Governance

The following major organizational units comprise the strategic leadership and steering of the CASRAI mission and priority-setting.

Board of Directors

The Board represents the interests of the Members. The Board is the ultimate decision­-making body except with respect to those matters reserved to its Committees or Members. Although the Board may delegate authority, the ultimate responsibility for CASRAI resides with the Board.

Steering Committees

As research and scholarship are global activities the standard information agreements developed and maintained by the CASRAI community are aimed at a solving problems for all stakeholders regardless of country or region. But a national perspective on priority-setting and local requirements is crucial to ensuring applicability and broad adoption. To ensure this national perspective is properly supported in CASRAI governance the Board of Directors can approve national chapters in CASRAI.

Agreement Governance

Active development and maintenance of the CASRAI standard information agreements are governed by groups of subject matter experts with an interest and a focus on specific topics affecting admin burden or impact measurement.

Interest Groups

Interest Groups (IG) bring together a larger collection of stakeholders who share a common interest in a specific aspect of admin burden or impact measurement and, by joining together with a common voice, bring a diversity of perspectives and a collective support and momentum for finding a tangible solution. The larger the IG the better as it not only signals a high interest in the topic but also ensures a wider pool of subject experts. Each IG is led by a Steering Committee which is responsible for convening and providing oversight to any Working Groups deemed a priority by the IG. Interest Groups will either have an international or a national scope.

International IGs

National IGs

  • Admin Burden in Canada - agreeing on tangible steps to reduce undue admin burden among Canadian stakeholders,
United Kingdom
  • Open Access Reporting - agreeing on reporting to UK funders on open access compliance
  • Research Data Management Plans - agreeing on content of portable and reusable data management plans
  • Artistic Outputs - agreeing on expressing artistic outputs of research

Working Groups

Convened by Interest Groups under the oversight of the Steering Committee, CASRAI Working Groups are tasked with developing new (or revising existing) agreements and bringing drafts back to the wider Interest Group for review and comment. Working Groups are composed of a smaller number of subject experts recruited on a merit basis by the Steering Committee. Working Groups exist only for the time period needed to guide an agreement draft through development, review and publication.


The following CASRAI Working Groups are either in a start-up or active development phase of work.


The following CASRAI Working Groups have completed their work and added their agreements to the CASRAI dictionary. If the Interest Group identifies a need for subsequent revision to an agreement the Steering Committee will convene a new Working Group for that purpose.

Common Secretariat