Open Access Reporting Meeting Feb 19 2015



   Nick Anderson, Symplectic Inc
   Chris Brown, Jisc
   Stuart Lawson, Jisc
   George Macgregor, University of Strathclyde
   Cecy Marden, Wellcome Trust (WT)
   Valerie McCutcheon, University of Glasgow (Chair)
   Balviar Notay, Jisc
   Ben Ryan, EPSRC (Chair)
   Owen Stephens, Owen Stephens Consulting
   David Baker, CASRAI
   Sheri Belisle, CASRAI


   Welcome and call to order
   Review action items from last meeting
   Main Discussion:
       Jisc Monitor Entity-Relationship and Field Definition work and how we can link this to CASRAI (Owen Stephens to start this discussion by giving a brief overview of Jisc intentions in this area)
       Forward work plan (document to be supplied for discussion)
       Are all key stakeholders represented?  What about publishers?
   Updates from Balviar Notay (Scholarly Comms):
       RIOXX and RIOXX OpenAIRE mapping.
       Starting to draw up a plan/map/diagram of all the standards work going on and the relationships between them. So that people are clear. This includes the CASRAI work.
       Specification for a consultant to get the data dictionary done and provide useful mappings. (This will be circulated to the group).
   Feedback from NSC meeting on 17th.
   Upcoming meetings

Supporting Materials

   Previous minutes
   Draft data profile
   Charter/work plan
   E2E Workshop Feedback
   CASRAI Specification for OA Reporting_V3

Agreed Actions

   Element: Refereed – issue?
       Action owner: Sheri
       Completed by:
   CASRAI/Jisc scope discussion; timing; propose to group
       Action owner: CASRAI/ Chairs
       Completed by:
   Tidy draft profile, complete for end of March output
       Action owner: All
       Completed by: End March
   Note additional inputs to profile (Jisc Monitor, H2020, REF, etc) (use comments in the data profile)
       Action owner: All
       Completed by:
   Carry forward stakeholder representation discussion to next meeting agenda.
       Action owner: Sheri
       Completed by: Next Meeting
   Policy standards: comment if national standard is worth parsing via CASRAI (see link in agenda item 6 discussion)
       Action owner: Jisc
       Completed by: March 6


Meeting brought to order at 4:02 pm GMT

Welcome to new members. Charter and other group documents can be found via links above.

Agenda Item 2 – Review last meeting actions.

Adding “refereed” element to profile – was to be discussed by the group – Action: Sheri to determine what the issue was and advise.

CASRAI/RIOXX and charter updating in the agenda today. Working group permissions – everything should be fine. Note that access to documents is related to ownership; if you’d like requests to go to Sheri, change ownership to Sheri and check sharing. Contact Sheri for help.

Jump to Agenda Item 5 – NSC discussion. Keeping WGs going. Pilot due to end March 31 but work will continue.

Agenda Item 3a – Jisc Monitor

Presentation by Owen Stephens.

Jisc Monitor project to determine if necessary to help institutions with open access publication issues and if there’s a service to be established (would happen at the end of the project). Building software and demonstration prototypes. In the last phase (until May).

Building three main outputs: monitor local, automated compliance checking (software to determine compliance with mandates), and software to aggregate info about APCs paid or compliance of publications from institutions (which builds reports). Monitor local is where the most immediate overlap is with CASRAI. It’s a system/service to enable those institutions who don’t have another method or wish to use this as an alternative to their systems to record and report on data relating to the publication to open access outputs generated by their staff. Gold and green publication routes. (more details at:

Are working on data model for software. Moving into physical modelling now. Looking to consume or output data the complies with RIOXX. Not redoing anything RIOXX has done. The data model is of 4 overlap areas: publication, costs, compliance, and tasks. Publications/costs – academic output is heart of the model (published paper etc). Types of output – would be looking at the list from the REF codes. However software build will likely focus on the article use case. People have roles around it, links to institutions Also have container for the output and organisations responsible. Have cost info – with value, actual/expected status, category of cost, order/invoice info, and mechanisms for grouping.

In the other half of the model, compliance measures, links to funders, is output in compliance – licensed, o/a, repository. Things related to tasks. What’s been done, what’s needed (workflow).

At the moment, have a list of data elements from a number of sources; looking at mapping it to data entities.

CASRAI – re “Monitor Local” – will the resulting software be installed locally? “Local” is actually an internal label for the project. Any decision re hosted service or local installed software is not made – output will be a recommendation about that. “Local” just differentiates it from the aggregation of information.

Seems to be far along in the tech modeling phase. CASRAI work is a business requirements input to a software product – when Jisc Monitor wraps up with the outputs they produce, its going to be excellent inputs to the OA profile – all the boxes are nouns or terms, in a shared understanding within a community. If items in the spec are not yet in the profile, the outputs would be a next step/version of the profile. Need to find the right sequencing – how their output can feed into our work or ours as a recommendation to them before software development. Current values list being used to get software to prototype stage. Values list is mutable going forward. Can be reviewed against any other lists (such as CASRAI). For example, list of academic outputs could be added to from the dictionary.

Monitor outputs are looking at enhancing the existing services. Looking at what key pieces of info needed to enhance how info is shared. Jisc monitor can stay involved in the group, no other immediate action. Report will be shared soon.

The next touchpoint for consultation from our point of view is a workshop on 26th March in B’ham – would welcome input from representatives on this group. Contact Owen. It is possible to sign-up for the face-to-face workshop on the 26th March where we will be reviewing work on Monitor Local and other parts of the project

There is a webinar covering some of the other aspects of the Monitor project work next Tuesday at 10 – but won’t be covering the stuff I’ve just shown. If you want to join that webinar it is 24 February 2015 from 10:00-11:00. To join the webinar next week, visit this link from 30mins before the start:

Agenda Item 3b – Work going forward.

Output by March, have draft profile, needs tidying. Pipeline of other inputs to be planned – look at: Pathfinder worksheets, REF requirements, H2020, Jisc Monitor, etc. Lots to do in developing a fuller profile and consulting with the community. Group is headed in the right direction.

Agenda Item 3c – Group stakeholder representation.

Discussion about key stakeholders in the group; best to wait until the pilot is complete then revisit whether the group has proper representation from all stakeholders. Adjustments can be made for the next phase.

Item will be carried forward.

Agenda Item 4a – RIOXX/OpenAIRE.

Version 2 of RIOXX released. Activity on getting plug ins developed/complete. RIOXX/ OpenAIRE mapping has been done. Some convergent and some divergent elements. Working with OpenAIRE – Jisc is UK OpenAIRE node, working to support this.

Agenda Item 4b – Diagram of current standards work.

Number of pieces of work on standards to support interoperability. This group; COAR-CASRAI group; RIOXX AP; OpenAIRE H2020 group; Jisc Monitor; SHARE project; etc. Trying to broadly show diagram of relationships and distinctions between all these things. Input from this group is welcome to do that. Important for the wider community to know what’s happening and where to go for specific tools and services and to help the groups work together better. A first cut of this was started a few months ago.

Agenda Item 4c – Specification.

Draft specification – to complement/support CASRAI process. Factor in requirements gathering, gap analysis, consolidation. REF elements need to be signed off. Prioritise REF, then continue with the rest. Comment on the profile if there are input references that seem to be missing.

Output would be a completed OA Reporting data dictionary. E2E update with relevant mapping. Concerns with timing, tentatively July; with REF asap. Needs discussion on scope. CASRAI/Jisc can finalise this asap after this meeting and circulate proposal to group.

Agenda Item 5 – NSC meeting.

This group will carry on; details are being worked out on how Jisc/CASRAI will move forward.

Agenda item 6 – Next meeting.

Scheduled for March 19. Start thinking of whether standards are needed for policies – has come up in various projects. Looks like this is perhaps already being taken care of

Suggest action: Jisc to comment if national standard is worth parsing via CASRAI


Thomas Vestdam missed today’s meeting because he became a father last night. He now has a baby girl! The group sends best wishes!

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 PM GMT.