National Chapters


When your institution joins CASRAI you are automatically a member at the international level with full benefits and privileges. CASRAI also has national chapters as an added governance structure for members from the same country.

The CASRAI mission is to achieve reduced administrative burden and improved administrative data for decision-making in the research management life-cycle. It achieves this mission through the development and maintenance of standard information agreements among key research stakeholders. While there will be a high level of international commonality in these standard agreements there are crucial national elements and variations that need to be accounted for and properly understood. This is the purpose of national chapters in CASRAI.

Starting a Chapter

A group of CASRAI members from the same country can choose to form a national chapter. To ensure a viable and representative cross-section of members a national chapter requires a minimum of twelve member institutions representing a diversity of size and discipline focus.

To formally start a national chapter a group of institutions submit an application to the CASRAI Secretariat. The application includes the following information:

  • list of current or prospective institutions applying
  • list of initial member representatives on a proposed Steering Committee
  • list of agreed or prospective research-funder and/or government partners
  • list of agreed or prospective commercial and/org non-profit solution-provider partners
  • list of agreed or prospective association partners

Steering Committee

The first members to agree to form a national chapter become the initial Steering Committee (SC) for that chapter. When the CASRAI Board approves the creation of a national chapter it also creates the Steering Committee for the chapter. Through consensus management, the Steering Committee ensures its activities are well run and deliver the expected outcomes.

The Steering Committee of a national chapter has the following specific responsibilities:

  • Engagement:
    • Promote CASRAI activities in your country and encourage individuals to participate at national or international levels
    • Conduct annual drive to increase membership among colleges & universities in your country
    • Conduct annual drive to increase partnership with research-funders and other key national stakeholders
    • Convene and promote national chapter workshops or round-tables (in-person or online) as needed
  • Standards:
    • Launch, oversee and monitor standards projects that are aligned with national priorities
    • Evaluate, approve and secure 'top-up' funding for projects where annual chapter dues are insufficient
  • Governance:
    • Report to the international Board of Directors on national activities and progress
    • Advise and counsel CASRAI management regarding significant issues facing your national community
    • Understand and assess risks to the chapter and monitor the management of those risks

The Steering Committee reports to the Board through the Chair(s) or designee

A balanced SC might have the following composition:

  • 7 to 12 member representatives
  • 3 to 5 representatives from research-funder partners with a discipline and a government/foundation balance
  • 3 to 5 representatives from commercial partners with a software/publishers balance
  • 1 to 3 representatives from membership organizations

When a national chapter is first created the Board approves an initial SC roster until first elections. Thereafter the Steering Committee representatives are elected by the national chapter members.


National Chapters are administered and supported via the CASRAI Secretariat.