There are many different ways to get involved in CASRAI activities. Participation is free and open to all individuals affiliated with a university, college or other research centre. Organisations that want to support and help steer CASRAI or form national chapters can join as members or partners with various rights and privileges at the international and/or national levels. The sections below outline these various options in greater detail.


Participation in CASRAI activities is free and open to all individuals affiliated with universities or colleges anywhere in the world. The benefits of individual participation include:

  • interact and work directly with your counterparts at other organisations who are also tackling the challenges of administrative burden and administrative data
  • contribute subject expertise directly to Interest Group activity and review draft agreements produced by Working Groups
  • contribute leadership directly to Working Group activity

To participate all you need to do is sign-up and then decide which activities you are interested in. Participation in interest groups is open to all. Participation in working groups is by invitation from a Chair based on your subject expertise.


Membership is open to universities and colleges and other research centres. Organisations join to support the mission, to help steer the organization and to contribute a 'strength-in-numbers' capacity for sustaining collective progress made on reducing administrative burden and improving administrative data. The benefits of membership include:

  • Being seen by your researchers and communities as supporters and early adopters for practical solutions on administrative burden and administrative data
  • Adding influence to the work of your functional area on reducing burden and improving data
  • Having a voice on CASRAI governance, influencing decisions with input on the unique needs and challenges in your functional area
  • Being recognized in CASRAI communications and activities as a leader in world advocacy on reducing burden and improving data

The following table outlines member types and annual fees (in GBP).

Number Joining Annual Fee

per Org





Single Organization 750 1500 250
Group (2 to 15) 500 1300 125
Group (15 and over) 350 1000 100
Larger Groups contact us

There are cases of national nonprofit solutions-providers offering cross-cutting technology and analysis services to colleges and universities - in effect acting as an extension of the technology units at the institutions. Examples include Jisc in the UK, SURF in the Netherlands and CINECA in Italy. While such organizations are asked to pay annual fees at the level of solution-provider partners they are considered full members along with the colleges and universities they support.


Partnership in CASRAI is open to all the key stakeholders that work with colleges, universities and research centres in the research and scholarly communications ecosystem:

  • Membership organisations (associations, scholarly societies, other standards groups)
  • Research-funders (national, regional or international and government or foundation based)
  • Government departments for research or innovation
  • Business Units at Commercial Organisations (solutions-providers or publishers)

The following table outlines partnership structures and contribution and fee levels (in GBP)

Partner Type Annual






Membership Organization 250 750 50
Research Funder 1300 3700 500
Government Department n/a 1500 n/a
Commercial Business Unit 1300 3700 500

Distribution of Annual Fees

Annual fees paid by members and partners help sustain CASRAI operations and activities. 50% of the annual fees contribute to international activities and 50% goes towards the activities of any national chapter in your home country. If no national chapter exists in your country then 100% of your annual fees contributes to international activities.

In the case of multi-national commercial organisations partnering in CASRAI 100% of their annual fees go towards international activities. If the multi-national commercial organisation also wants to be active in any national chapter it is asked to also contribute by sponsoring the national projects and/or events with which they are most strategically aligned.