Funding Awards Pilot


This Working Group has been convened to create a pilot implementation of CASRAI Connectors using the business process step of a Funder announcing the results of awards competitions and universities consuming those announcements automatically in order to trigger follow-on business processes within the university.


Work on this project is done by two separate working groups:

  • Business Working Group - looking at the contents and structure of the information included in a funding award announcement;
  • Technology Advisory Group - the CASRAI body responsible for uniform technology implementation of the standards


This project is tasked with the following deliverables.

  • Funding Awards Agreement v1 - the standard information agreement for announcing funding awards;
  • Data Exchange Prototype - a working prototype demonstrating an exchange mechanism for funders and universities to automate award data exchange;
  • Data Exchange Pilot - a pilot roll-out of the above prototype with real data for testing


In addition to this webpage this project is using the following communications channels.


A record of the meetings in connection with this project will be posted in this section.

  • Note: a record of past meetings is being prepared for this website