Funding Awards


The purpose of the Funding Results project is to demonstrate how a research administration business process (in this case the announcement of competition funding results) can be implemented using CASRAI standard data exchange. The project meets the CASRAI-CA National Committee’s needs for improving the capacity of member organizations to implement the standards. The project deliverables shall include a version 0.1 specification for a CASRAI Connector (based on generic XML) and a working instance of the data exchange on a hosted test server. The inputs to the project will include team & server resources from the CASRAI Secretariat as well as representatives from participating stakeholder organizations.

The objectives of the project are to understand the basic model of standards-based data exchange using CASRAI Connectors and to capture input from participants on requirements and challenges in implementing in local systems. High level risks for this project include timely access to anonymized sample data and ensuring appropriate engagement from ICT representatives. Success will be determined by the National Committee once the proof-of-concept is implemented and a series of example tests has been performed and assessed by project participants.

Interest Group

The community-of-interest around this work is organized via an Interest Group (IG). If you have an interest in this topic or an affinity for the problems being solved by this activity we encourage you to take a first step by joining this group. Participation is free and open to all and has the following benefits:

  • lend your vote and voice to supporting an open, sustainable and transparent solution to a shared problem,
  • receive regular updates on project activities and news, r
  • participate in the review of any new draft revisions produced by Working Groups,
  • participate in conversations on various related topics.

You can join the Interest Group by signing up here.

Working Group

This Working Group (WG) for this project is organized into two sub-groups: one for the users of Award information and one for the ICT representatives reponsible for implementing data exchanges based on Awards information.

Users Group

  • Marlene Boutet, McGill University
  • Bob Dirstein, University of Toronto
  • Christina Weise, Research Manitoba
  • Alan Pepe, SSHRC

ICT Group

  • Bob Dirstein, University of Toronto
  • Markus Blumrich, University of Saskatchewan
  • Thomas Vestdam, Elsevier
  • Bo Madsen, Elsevier


In addition to this webpage this group has the following communications channels.