The following are answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Is membership open only to universities?

No, membership is open to all 'research-performing' organizations. This includes universities, colleges, research centres, teaching hospitals, etc. - any institution actually performing research. In addition to research-performing institutions the following types organizational stakeholders are also key partners in the CASRAI community:

  • Research-funding organizations
  • Commercial or nonprofit solutions providers
  • Publishers/journals
  • Associations/societies

What is the expected time commitment to participate?

Individuals at participating organizations can expect a sliding scale of time commitment depending on the level at which you chose to participate:

  • Review and comment on new or revised standards coming from Working Groups = approx 1 hour per calendar quarter
  • Participate on a standards Working Group = approx 2 hours per month (for a 4 to 6 month period each group)
  • Participate on a Chapter Steering Committee = approx 3 hours per calendar quarter