Data Management Plans


The Data Management Plan Working Group (DMP-WG) is led by stakeholder organizations in the UK (thanks to a collaborative funding arrangement with Jisc) and is mandated with developing and maintaining a number of standard data profiles to facilitate information exchange between institutions and between institutions and funders. The DMP-WG initial scope was based on the Data Management Plans tool supplied by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC). Future work will build on this progress and develop expanded data profiles aimed to reflect institutional best practices/constraints and to help inform DMP policy at research funders.


  • Garry Baker, British Geological Survey
  • Christopher Brown, Jisc
  • Rachel Bruce, Jisc
  • David Carr, Wellcome Trust
  • Tito Castillo, University College London
  • Anna Clements, University of St Andrews (Chair)
  • Geraldine Clement-Stoneham, Medical Research Council
  • Adrian Cox, University of Southampton
  • Joy Davidson, University of Glasgow
  • Matthew Dovey, Jisc
  • Catherine Grout, Jisc
  • Simon Hodson, The Committee on Data for Science and Technology
  • Neil Jacobs, Jisc
  • Catherine Jones, Science & Technology Facilities Council
  • Mary McDerby, University of Manchester
  • Stuart MacDonald, University of Edinburgh
  • Linda Naughton, Jisc
  • Meriel Patrick, University of Oxford
  • Brenda Phillips, University of Leeds
  • Catherine Pink, University of Bath
  • Rachel Proudfoot, University of Leeds
  • Sally Rumsey, University of Oxford
  • Hardy Schwamm, Lancaster University
  • Veerle Van Den Eynden, University of Essex
  • Thomas Vestdam, Elsevier Inc


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In addition to this webpage this group has the following communications channels.


Working Group meets once per month. Please find below a list of meeting dates.  Dates link to summaries of key points and actions of the group discussions following the meetings.