Citations Per Output Snowball Metrics Agreement v1



This standard information agreement specifies the information elements needed to calculate and communicate the average citations received to date by each output that is part of a particular set.

Citation data will not be available for all elements that constitute an institution's Scholarly Output. A partial reflection of an institution’s activity is still valuable in providing an evidence-based support for decision making through bench-marking, since this limitation is likely to affect all comparators equally.

Input Reference

The original input reference to this standard information agreement is the Snowball Metrics Recipe Book, page 71.

Question Set

See input reference.

Answer Set

The following specifies the expected contents of a data report compliant with this standard information agreement.

Records Structure

The following table outlines the agreed information elements need to produce a standard report on Citation Counts at the institution. For each record of a citation count the following elements are included.

Information Element Definition Format Requirement
Output/ID Type List (Output ID Types) Should
Output/ID A unique identifier for the output. Text Should
Output/Type List (Output Types) Must
Output/Date The date when a specific output was published. Date Must
Citation Count A time-period count of citations for a specific output.
Citation Count/Total The total count of citations for this output during this time period. Number Must
Citation Count/Period Stard The start of the time period for this citation count. Date Must
Citation Count/Period End The end of the time period for this citation count. Date Must
Institution An organization with a primary role of performing research.
Institution/ID Type The nominal type of unique ID used for a research-performing organization. List (Org ID Types) Should
Institution/Other ID Type A keyword for a type of organization identifier not covered in a standard classification. Text Should
Institution/ID The unique identifier of a research-performing organization. Text Should
Institution/Name The full name of a research-performing organization. Text Must
Institution/Country The country of a research-performing organization. List (Countries) Must
Institution/FTE Count Number of Full Time Equivalents at the Institution in the referenced financial year. Number Must

Lists/Vocabularies Used

The following agreed vocabularies (or Lists) are used in the above information elements.

List/Vocabulary Values Defintion
Org ID Types
Output Types

Formal Schema

A formal CASRAI XSD schema for this standard information agreement is available here.