The Secretariat is responsible for the professional administration of CASRAI. It is the primary point of contact for all enquiries. The Secretariat reports to the Board of Directors. The permanent Secretariat serves and supports the international CASRAI community from a base in Canada. The Secretariat is lead by Executive Director, David Baker.

The Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information is growing, due to the accelerating development of its network of high-profile partnerships, including the Admin Burden in Canada initiative, among other important development activities.  David Baker, Executive Director responsible for CASRAI’s Secretariat, is excited to announce the expansion of the CASRAI Secretariat capacity with the creation of a new position: Director, Communications and Development.

CASRAI is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms. Belinda Vandersluis to the position of Director, Communications and Development.  This position will focus on developing a strong communications strategy and presence, while encouraging new and existing community engagement.  Belinda brings to CASRAI more than 20 years of senior leadership experience in research administration.  She is currently the President of the Non-Profit Division of the Society of Research Administrators International, and the immediate past President of the Canadian Section of SRA.  She held the positions of Director, Implementation of the newly created Canadian Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre, and Director Operations of the National Cancer Institute of Canada Clinical Trials Group at Queen’s University. Belinda also owns and operates Effector Consulting, an independent consulting firm providing research administration support and business development services to international non-profit and academic research groups.  She holds a degree in Business Administration from Concordia University, a Certificate in Strategic Human Resources from Queen’s University, and is a certified clinical research professional (CCRP) with SoCRA.

Another CASRAI Reconnect event has come and gone and based on informal feedback during the event and more structured feedback from a post-event survey - it looks like it was a success. We thank our sponsors and look forward to planning future events based on what we learned this time.

For those who are not on Twitter please take a look at a sampling of voices heard there during the event. There was a competition for the 3 biggest 'Tweeter' and the winners are in. First place goes to Rebecca Kennison with 130 tweets; second place goes to Sara Rouhi with 74 tweets and third place goes to Patrick Lambe with 39 tweets! Congratulations to all!

All the slides from the event are currently being posted online so if you really enjoyed a particular talk or missed the whole event then please check out the slides.

Finally, the results of our feedback survey are now online so please take a look and I hope you agree with our assessment that the event was a success.

The CASRAI community is a unique blend of leaders, managers and administrators from research ­performing institutions and their libraries to research funding organizations. The events are a great opportunity for you to network with existing customers and make new relationships with prospective customers.

A link to the conference website is here:

Please use the grid below to determine which sponsorship level you would prefer. Payment is required prior to the event but a purchase order is sufficient to secure your sponsorship and services.

Service Platinum






Higher priority logo on conference website Yes
Full­page BW advertisement in program handout Yes
CASRAI­-implementation-­specific session in program Yes
“Proud sponsor” link in 1 advance promo email Yes
Verbal welcome at 1 plenary session Yes
Logo on main screen between sessions Yes
Preferred position in exhibitor showcase area Yes
Registration passes 2 free 1 free 50% off
Signage at 1 refreshment break Yes Yes
Verbal welcome at 1 breakout session Yes
Lower priority logo on conference website Yes
Half-­page BW advertisement in program handout Yes
Position in exhibitor showcase area Yes Yes
Listed mention at end of program handout Yes
Thanks by MC during start of each day Yes Yes Yes

For more information please contact us.

The UK Data Management Plans Working Group held its most recent monthly meeting on May 21, 2015. Minutes of that meeting are available here.

The UK Open Access Working Group held its most recent monthly meeting on May 20, 2015. Minutes of that meeting are available here.

CASRAI is extending its network through high-profile partnerships with the US-based Research Data Alliance (RDA) and the UK’s Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA).

CASRAI and RDA are natural partners in the pursuit of various objectives with regard to the tracking, availability, and reuse of research data. Casrai and RDA are likely to establish and support joint interest groups and working groups on topics of mutual interest, from which the deliverables will benefit the two organizations and the larger research community. They may also develop content and conduct relevant activities at their respective regular meetings.

CASRAI and ARMA have become strategic partners to better work together to improve research administration. They share a vision of community­-driven development and adoption of standard vocabularies and formats for the collection, management, exchange and aggregation of research administration information. The partnership will enable them to share knowledge and experience and support each other’s endeavours in the research community.

They will participate in the other’s working groups and actively explore cross ­programming opportunities at events. They may also collaborate on special joint initiatives.

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