Admin Burden in Canada/Timeline


The ABC initiative will have the following timeline.

Phase 1 (February through June 2015)

  • Convene an initial teleconference with CAURA and CAUBO representatives (the initial stakeholder group); explore focus and breadth of participants
  • Refine this framing document and get feedback from IC on its alignment with their needs/interests.
  • Meeting of the full stakeholder group (including CAGS) and IC - February 2015 with three agenda items:
    • Industry Canada’s perspectives and expectations
    • Issues that need to be addressed in research administration
    • Next steps
  • Members of the stakeholder group charged with identifying, in advance, up to 5 issues that need to be tackled with an assessment of impact and complexity
  • CASRAI compiles the issues to in a single discussion document that serves as the resource document without prejudice for additional issues being advanced in that discussion.

Phase 2 (July through November 2015)

  • Integrate initial work of the CASRAI ABC group in the IC format, with revisions to format  - August 2015. Determine the appropriate format for the ABC work.
  • Identify opportunities for larger community engagement (formal and informal) - Sept 2015 and determine approach and material required
  • Consolidate existing the issues inventory from CASRAI and Industry Canada into merged documents to inform consultations going forward - Sept 2015
  • Explore with IC their plans for a survey and if they intend to do so, ID 2 people to contribute to survey design and approach (they would report to Steering Cttee). If no IC survey, assess prospects of doing consultations through participating organizations CARA, CAUBO, CAGS. Sept 2015
  • Develop criteria for priority project selection August 2015
    • Initial review of issues to ID priorities (max 3 top priority ; 3 in queue of further priorities for a Phase 2 approach)  - Sept-Oct 2015

Phase 3 (November 2015 through October 2016)

  • Build community interest in ABC initiative
  • Establish communication protocol with Tri-Agencies
  • Under the oversight of the Steering Committee, convene and activate working group(s) to tackle prioritized issues
    • SC members work within home organizations to identify key WG members
    • CASRAI ramps up WG coordination, setup and communications
  • Working Groups active addressing mandated projects
  • During this phase there will be regular reporting to Industry Canada, Tri-Agencies, partner organizations and the CASRAI-CA National Committee and CASRAI Board

Phase 4 - TBD