The Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information (CASRAI) is an international non-profit dedicated to reducing administrative burden and improving impact measurement. Our approach is to improve the flow of information within and between research stakeholders. We develop and maintain standard information agreements among the various stakeholders in the research enterprise. The standards form bridges in our shared work processes.

Our Work

CASRAI convenes a number of activities around key topic areas of interest to research-producing organizations and their partners. Key highlights in our current work include:

  • Funding Awards - a pilot project led by Canadian stakeholders to standardize the format used by research funders to announce the results of funding competitions,
  • CRediT - standard agreements for understanding and recognizing the diversity of roles played be people in producing research outputs,
  • Peer Review Citations - standard agreements for understanding and recognizing the peer review contributions made by individuals,
  • Research Dataset-Level Metrics - standard agreements for sharing metrics about research datasets,
  • Technology Advisory Group - focused on the information technology aspects of CASRAI compliance and implementation

Our Results

CASRAI standard information agreements are curated and maintained in an open online dictionary. Key highlights in this dictionary include standard information agreements on:

Our Community

The CASRAI mission would not be possible without the organizations and subject experts who contribute time and resources. CASRAI is governed by a board of directors.


You can also connect with CASRAI via a number of channels to stay up-to-date on our program of activities or to ask a question.

E-mail: info at casrai.org

Twitter: http://twitter.com/casrai

Mail/Courier: 200 – 440 Laurier Ave. W, Ottawa ON K1R7X6